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Mobile Features Lure Wine Lovers to MemWine ™

Wine lovers have ready access to their personal wine information wherever they are with the MemWine ™ service. They can track favorite wines, personal ratings, prices and tasting notes while on the go and even update their sensual impressions while still fresh by Mobile.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (PRWEB) March 8, 2006 -- MemWine ™ ( today announced the launch of their enhanced Mobile service that offers wine lovers an immediate and convenient way to keep track of the wines they enjoy and those referred by friends and wine experts.

By Mobile phone or by Internet they can enter personal wine details such as their ratings, price, inventory and tasting notes. Wine lovers from all over the world can enjoy the benefits of this free service from the casual wine sipper to the dedicated wine connoisseur.

The Mobile phone has revolutionized communications while converging many appliances into one: phone, camera, music and video player, game console, memory assistant and even financial terminal.

Mobile Information services are the next major area of innovation and MemWine ™ leads the way with its easy operation and powerful features. While some may question the simple user interface and lean site appearance, when they actually use a Handheld such as iPAQ™, Axim™ , Treo™ or other mobile phone, they experience true mobile functionality first hand. "Very easy, quick interface," says Jennifer Chotzi Rosen a noted wine writer with a flair for humor.

MemWine ™ offers a handy way to refresh your wine memories or update your sensual impressions on the spot whether you use a Handheld with an Internet browser or a Mobile phone with Wap capability which today allows almost everyone to enjoy useful services such as MemWine. See our Mobile web page for more details at

Rick McNees, an avid collector from suburban Chicago whose extensive wine cellar was featured by Wine Spectator in their monthly Collecting column, says after trying MemWine on his iPAQ mobile: "Applications like yours will drive adoption... content drives traffic which drives content and so on...Folks with these mobile devices will be hungry for useable apps that provide real value...Yours is such an app since people will be in a wine merchant and want to check on their inventory, or check on ratings or rankings before they shell out $$$ for a bottle of wine... That is the true value of mobile computing... meaningful information when and where you need it, it's great!"

MemWine ™ helps preserve personal wine details, reminding us of the ones we like as well as the ones to avoid. The worldwide database with over 12,000 labels is member driven and allows search by wine label, country, region, varietal, and expert rating. Users add vintages of the wines they're tried or wish to try, effectively expanding the database to over 100,000 label/vintage combinations.

Warren Payne of remarks, "And for those of you with Web-enabled phones (e.g. Treos, Blackberries) you can access your MemWine log via an interface designed specifically for small phone screens. Very cool."

Also offered free, our sister service MemVideo® helps Movie lovers refresh their memories of favorite movies by Internet or on the go by Mobile phone. They can consult their personal video database before renting or buying a new video and when the inspiration strikes, update their ratings and feelings while still fresh by Mobile.

Users can access these services by simply logging on to:

MemWine ™ at

MemVideo® at


Press Release 11/17/05


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